What is crafting?

Crafting is a method of creating powerful items by combining raw common components in the game. The raw components are dropped by enemies or monsters killed or traded from other players.

The crafting is similar to some job professions in World of Warcraft.

There are basically 3 types of materials for crafting.

  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Cloth

RecipesĀ are also needed to craft the items. The recipes of the items will state what materials are required for crafting.


RECIPE : Hero’s Fighting Cap
Requires : 4 x Chain Scrap + 1 x Metal Cable

At the beginning:

You need to complete a few quests with Burke the Blacksmith in Forest Haven before you can start to craft.

The reward of the first few quests will give you a few recipes and some raw materials to craft them.

High Level Items require alot more raw materials as well as gems to be crafted. Gems drop from killed enemies. Some gems are rarer than others.

Crafting NPC and Location

  • Burke the Blacksmith = Forest Haven – Forest Haven [ Low level crafts ]
  • Endee/Annah/Jones/Ghost of Malik/Ramla = Alien Oasis – City of Oasis [ High level crafts ]
  • Soul of Lightfeather = Alien Oasis : Part II – 5 : Vicious Visitors [ High level crafts ] [ DANGEROUS ! – Map has D’Jinns ]
  • Farrow the Forger = The Balefort Sewers – Muck Hovel [ High level crafts ]

Read More about crafting from Lovenus’s Crafting Guide


37 responses to Crafting

  • Daniel says:

    How can I craft items? Thx

  • Buddy says:

    I talked to Burke the recipe comes up. I have everything for the lvl15 robe but it doesn’t give me an option to craft it?? Why can’t I craft

  • John says:

    I’ve got the same problem as Buddy does… I have the items needed but no “combine” option or anything comes up…

  • kraocagrocen says:

    Yes I have all components, but there is missing combine button, L15 alchemist, sorcerer robe

  • steve says:

    so I have the same problem.. so how do u get recipes? I have everything need for burkes lvl 15 sorcerers rbe but it will not let me combine.. can’t get lvl 5 one either.. so how do u get the recipe

  • John says:

    Buy the recipe from the auction house. They are really expensive tho.

  • nickcater says:

    i finished craff items but i can’t use it . plz tell me why? i had craff complete kity shield at balefort sewer…

  • Jeroen says:

    I have all things for Alchemist’s Heavy Cloth Armor,
    – 4 Cloth Fabrics
    – 1 Presto’s Gem
    – 1 Cloth Thread
    But Where can I get The RECIPE: L.15 Alchemist Robes?..

  • remi says:

    I have the same issue, where can I get the recipes besides the auction house?

  • catblox says:

    i also have all the items for level 15 sorc robes. they’re all checked. and i’m already level 30 so why is there no combine option? i’ve been trying this since i was in level 15.

  • Jiggity says:

    You can’t combine the items because you don’t have the recipe.

    The flaw in the crafting system is that by the time you have farmed for hundreds and hundreds of hours to get the recipe to drop, your character has outgrown the crafted item.

    This becomes a little less of an issue at higher levels because you don’t level up as rapidly.

  • richie says:

    What level do you have to be to craft in alien oasis

    • Meubi says:

      You can be any lvl to craft in alien oasis, it’s just that to craft the stuff they have to craft, you must be lvl 43 to do the quests for the items.

  • joe says:

    I crafted a 1h sanguine blade at mount fang and its still in my crafting box and it wont let me get the sword

  • Edcftgb says:

    How can i combine the craft item to my weapon or amor? Thank you in advance

  • Edcftgb says:

    How can i combine craft items to my weapon?
    Thank you in advance!

    • akoolkiller says:

      u cannot add any items to ur weapon unless like if u hav a lilith wand if u hav recipie of l65 lilith wand and materials itz with very rare weapons u can craft them and make better

  • LAYLA says:

    Where can i hunt leather scrap in pl?

  • jemy says:

    how do you get the lvl 60 stuff

  • jemy says:

    o no i get it peaplez or administrater

  • jemy says:

    poo on you plz help me

  • Faotosa says:

    I am lvl 36. I am trying to find a place to craft items for my lvl. It seems the items jump from 15 to 43 without reasoning. Also, is Burke the only way to get quests for items to fall at this point? Can I farm without the quest? Am I just SOL until lvl 43?

  • Spenciarcher says:

    i am level 12 and have done all the quests for burke i can he wont give anymore but i still cant craft at all the option wont show up

  • Fix says:

    OK so I finished Burk the blacksmiths quest for crafting, got the four parts including the recipe for archer hat but nothing happens when I either go to my inventory or back to burk, HELP! At level 7now

  • XxrayleighxX says:

    Where ican find the recipe for lvl 45 weapon that has a great damage…..for paladin..?

  • says:

    Yea like most of this boring little game you cant finish crafting like other traditional games. And the avatars are sh!t

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