Quest Guide

There are some general tips that will help in doing quests.

  • Quite a few quests have a level requirement. You will not see the quest until you have reached a certain level.
  • Some quests have prerequisite quests that require a quest or multiple quests to be completed in order for it to become available. Daily quests in Forest Haven is an example of this.
  • If you get stuck, the quest log often gives help. If you have no quests in the log, it’ll give you a hint towards the next quest. It will normally give you hints towards the earlier quests that are not completed. A common example is for the Frozen Nightmares Elite quests. If you’re looking for Alien Oasis quest hints, you’ll be stuck with hints for the Frozen Nightmare quests until you complete them.
  • The majority of quests have a “GO TO” button in the quest log. This will generally take you to where you need to go. This isn’t saying it’s the best place though. There could be a better place to go if you have a quest that asks for X amount of a particular item, for example.

Quest Areas

Thanks to Ayrilana for taking such great effort in creating the quest lists.

17 responses to Quest Guide

  • Platycow says:

    woot…dont ask why…woot…i think

  • Kajman says:

    I like completing quests and am running into a problem. I don’t know what quests I need to complete. I thought I had completed all quests up to the Balefort Sewers, however my map is saying I have 1 left in Forrest Haven, and 2 left in Alien Oasis (somewhere in Alien Oasis). Is there a way I can see a list of the quests I have done? If so, where is the list found?

    Thanks for you help!


    • Sorry, there is no quest completed list. I wish there was. Some quests are given in one of the dungeons or the previous town.

      Some quest givers won’t give you the quest until you have completed some pre-requisite quests or reached a certain level.

  • jmm says:

    Eeh i have a problem, i think i might have not completed the first quest, kill the demon thing, ’cause i didn’t return to the prisoner after i killed it. Is this possible? Or did i complete it? How can i go back to that place? In the quest menu i put abandon quest on it but it was already marked green, and i don’t know what that means lol.

    Sorry for my ignorance i’m new, but im liking the game and i wanna make sure i complete all quests and i don’t skip unevitably the first one, otherwise i would create a new account hehe :)

    • If you have completed the objective of the quest, you can just run the dungeon again with someone else and go to the prisoner, you should be able to return/complete the quest then.

      • jmm says:

        how do i run it again? I think i f’ed up when i abandoned the quest in the menu without having spoken to the prisoner first, thus i cant press the “go to…” button. Is there some portal or something for that dungeon?

  • Aj says:

    Okay so I’ve been stuck with lvl 23 for about five to six days and received zero experience points no matter how many quests I complete or even by being in higher lvl dungeons. I see everyone in my group getting experience points except me.. I’ve deleted and downloaded the game a couple of times but still no change. I’ve bought new places and still no improvement. Please help :(

    • Sassinya says:

      Look in options, you may have inadvertently shut off experience, I’ve done that before. Go to your stats menu page, options is next to quests.

  • Joksan says:

    hey where do i can find a scholar or mage in the world? i already look for that scholar but i couldn’t find it

  • Umbreag says:

    where do you find the mage or scholar in town when on that quest

  • elenfae says:

    I am at level 28 and need to find a mage or scholar because i’ve finished the quests in “lost expedition”. the only one I see is in wyldwood but you have to pay to get into that one. and i’ve already passed the wlydwood levels. is there another mage somewhere?

  • Axdie says:

    Cant you guys plz update the maps to mount fang quests.

  • Red says:

    Can someone give me all the quest givers of the 10 wyldwood quests? I’m missing only one

  • Muha says:

    Hello, I tried instaling Pocket Legends on my Htc desire and Samsung galaxy s2, and it says – The aplication Pocket legends (proces has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. And it won’t work on both phones. It worked before on my desire. Pls help

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